Creating a route

After successful drone and RC connection, and if UgCS desktop application and UgCS for DJI mobile companion are in same Wi-Fi network - the drone should be displayed as available in UgCS desktop software.

UgCS Vehicle cards:

NOTE: After UgCS for DJI application update, serial number of drone may be different to serial number displayed in previous version of UgCS for DJI. Therefore, it is possible that two vehicle cards will be displayed in UgCS: one from previous version and second for updated. Keep previous Vehicle card to review telemetry data of flights performed before the update.

Please follow the instructions described in UgCS User Manual how to create a route for appropriate drone profile. Route has to be created and after successful automatic route calculation, it can be uploaded to the drone.

In order to upload route to drone, Remote Controller switch should be in specified position:

• Phantom 3 (Professional, Advanced) - mode “F”;
• Phantom 3 (Standard) - RC switch S1 down;
• Phantom 4, Phantom 4 PRO / ADV - mode “P”;
• Inspire 1(Professional, Raw) - mode “F”;
• Inspire 2 - mode “P”;
• M600 \ M600 Pro - mode “P”;
• M300 – Mode “P”
• M200 - mode “P”;
• M100 - mode “F”;
• A3, N3 - mode “P”;
• Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 - mode “P”;
• Spark - mode “P”;

NOTE: Route can be uploaded only when the vehicle has acquired Home location. This can take up to one minute after the vehicle is switched on.

After route is uploaded to drone, click “Auto mode” command in UgCS desktop and drone should start the route.

NOTE: Planning long routes, take in to the account that the distance between adjacent waypoints should be less than 2 km. The first and last waypoints are also considered as an adjacent.