Offline route

The Offline route function allows using only Android devices on the field. All prepared missions/routes can be saved and uploaded to the drone with UgCS for DJI mobile application.

Note: UgCS telemetry is available ONLY if the drone is connected to UgCS Desktop during the flight.

Follow the steps:

  1. Create mission/route in UgCS Desktop
  2. Connect the tablet to the PC and run UgCS for DJI

  1. In UgCS for DJI tap on three dots on the bottom and open the route

NOTE: If in the UgCS Desktop there are several users, the credential window will appear

Enter Login and Password

  1. In bookmarks of UgCS Server find UgCS desktop missions/routes

  1. Click on the route name in the Route section - then click on the three dots to save the mission for offline

  1. Now the route is saved for the offline function
  2. Connect drone to UgCS for DJI via RC
  3. Tap on three dots

  1. Open bookmark LOCAL and choose the route

  1. Upload route to drone

  1. There is a window where possible to specify takeoff altitude

NOTE: If takeoff is performed from ground level, do not change altitude.

  1. Press CONFIRM

  1. Enable AutoMode

  1. Send the drone on the mission