Displays information about connected drones: type, serial number, and firmware version.


Allows to turn on the Simulator

Drone Specific Settings:

Failsafe - allows setting the behavior for the Failsafe situation

Drone Settings:

  • Drone name - specify the drone name;
  • Maximum flight altitude - shows the maximum flight altitude for the vehicle;
  • Distance limit - enabled to set the limit of the maximum flight distance.

Gimbal Settings - allows choosing one of gimbal work modes: Free, FPV, or Yaw Follow

Route Settings:

  • Minimal Safe altitude - a value that prevents from flying straight to the target waypoint from the ground. The drone climbs to this altitude first.

Visual Navigation Settings - enable the display radar chart, that indicates obstacles detection in real time

Custom Payload Settings - enable custom payload and allow interaction with it

Anti-Collision beacon - enable beacon lights.

RTK settings

Enable RTK - when activated, the application initiates communication to a third-party RTK network server;

RTK source - allows choosing RTK source settings

Connecting DJI P4RTK or DJI P4Multispectral with DJI D-RTK2 base in UgCS for DJI

Connecting DJI M300RTK with DJI D-RTK2 base in UgCS for DJI

Enable PPK mode

*Only supported for Phantom 4 RTK

Once enabled, for each flight a folder will be created on the SD card for storing recorded PPK data and images taken during the flight. For PPK data to be recorded, the SD card must be inserted and the camera has to be set to photo mode.

Note that the SD card cannot be formatted while PPK mode is enabled.