Click & Go

Click & GO mode allows to interactively command the copter to travel to a target location by clicking on a point on the map. Once the location is reached, the copter will hover at that location, waiting for the next target. This behavior is implemented as a mini-mission containing two waypoints: current drone position and target point.

In order to start Click & GO mission, interrupt the currently running task by switching to manual mode and then selecting a point where to fly.


• Press the “Click & Go” command

• Click on the map to set the target point

• Adjust additional parameters “AGL alt”, “Speed” and “Heading” if needed and press confirm to send command to the drone

• Press the green check button or the Enter key to confirm.

The heading is the angle between the north direction and the vehicle bow.

When performing Click&Go mode for drone on the ground it firstly goes up to “Minimal safe altitude” (default – 5m, can be changed at Settings – Drone Specific Settings) and then goes to the selected point.

It may be necessary to set the Take-off point altitude (3.7 Set Take-off point altitude).

NOTE: If an action trigger is interrupted (Camera by time, etc.) with Click & Go command this action will not perform after clicking “Continue”. Actions at the next waypoints will work as usual.

The continue button will be inactive if Click & Go action is interrupted by the Hold button.