App Settings

User Interface

The user Interface field allows for changing user preferences settings.

Localization - select the unit system to use throughout the app.

Indicators - display absolute or ground speed.

Speech Output - enable speech output.


UgCS Connection:

  • Enable SSDP - tries automatically find UgCS server in the local network.
  • Enable UgCS direct connection - tries to connect to UgCS server by providing host and port.
  • UgCS server direct Host address
  • UgCS server direct port
  • User credentials

Geoserver Connection:

  • Use UCS Address
  • Geoserver Host
  • Geoserver port


  • Log level. Can be chosen as one of the logs type. Info - tracks the general flow of the app. Debug - tracks the advanced flow of the app for developers.
  • Open log directory.


Displays advanced telemetry view