Vehicle information and settings.

Tapping the information button opens a screen with current vehicle information, calibration, and settings options.

Overall status – Displays the current status of the vehicle
Flight mode – The flight mode, the drone is currently using.
Sport – Sport Mode increases the available speed of the aircraft by using GPS signals only. The forward & downward sensors are disabled. The gain on the controller is increased.
Position GPS (P-GPS) - all the sensors on the aircraft are active, GPS, and any available vision or infrared sensors.
Tripod – The aircraft has a maximum speed of 2.2 mph and the remote controller movements are significantly reduced.
ATTI – ATTI mode will only maintain the altitude of the aircraft and does not use any GPS or vision systems.
Compass – Compass helps the vehicle with orientation. Calibrate the compass every time the vehicle takes off from a new place
IMU (Inertia Measurement Unit) Status – Barometer and gyroscope allow to see the altitude and the direction of the flight. Calibrate IMU in case of abnormal behavior.
ESC (Electronic Speed Control) Status – Motor control. In case of abnormal motor behavior, an error message will display here.
Vision sensors – Allows the vehicle to see the obstacles
Radio channel quality – Quality of the radio signal between the RC and drone
Remote controller mode – Controller sticks mode:
Mode 1 (left: forward/backward ; turn left/right | right: up/down ; sideways left/right)
Mode 2 (left: up/down ; turn left/right | right: forward/backward ; sideways left/right)
Mode 3 (left: forward/backward ; sideways left/right | right: up/down ; turn left/right)
Aircraft battery – Remaining drone battery charge percentage
Remote controller battery – Remaining remote controller charge percentage
Aircraft battery temperature – Temperature of the aircraft battery
SD Card storage – Available space and status of the drone SD card. Option to format SD card.
Gimbal status – Status of the aircraft gimbal
Max altitude – Set the maximum altitude the drone can gain
Max flight distance – Set the maximum range the drone can fly from RC or disable the fence.
Internal storage – Drone internal storage
Enter Travel mode – Applicable for DJI vehicles with landing gears